Ágnes Horvát

Assistant Professor
Department of Communication Studies
School of Communication
Northwestern Institute on Complex Systems (NICO)
Kellogg School of Management (courtesy)
Northwestern University

Frances Searle Building
2240 Campus Drive, 1-156
Evanston, IL 60208

Email: a-horvat@northwestern.edu
Phone: +1 (847) 467 6465
Office hours: by appointment


October 30: NICO talk
October 17: Amazon visit
October 6: Paper about efficiency of networking strategies @ Complex Networks. Congrats to Kyosuke!
October 3: SAGE on female Computational Social Science researchers


With a background in physics, computer science, film, and media, I am a computational social scientist whose work aims to measure, understand, and forecast the collective behavior of connected crowds in large-scale sociotechnical systems. My current research develops empirical and theoretical methods to support creativity and predict success in culture industries, identify expressions of collective intelligence and opportunities for innovation in crowdsourcing communities, as well as detect shared misconceptions and biases in online capital markets. My work uses an interdisciplinary data-driven approach and builds on techniques from network science, machine learning, statistics, and exploratory visualization. I developed and teach the ‘Cultural Analytics’ graduate course to train students for careers at the intersection of creative occupations and Data Science. I serve on the editorial board of PLOS One. My current research is funded by the National Science Foundation through a CISE CRII award.


Igor Zakhlebin (graduate student)
Henry Kudzanai Dambanemuya (graduate student)
Dana Choi (undergraduate research assistant)


  • I advise graduate students in two PhD Programs: Technology and Social Behavior and Media, Technology, and Society. Prospective graduate students should apply through one of these programs.
  • I am always looking for outstanding undergraduates and Master's students to get involved in research. Prospective students are encouraged to send me an email with their inquiry.


Go to Canvas for enrollment details, syllabi, assigments, and deadlines.

  • Cultural and Art Analytics [Masters Course, Fall 2018]
  • Cultural Analytics [Undergraduate Course, Fall 2017]
  • Cultural and Art Analytics [Masters Course, Fall 2017]
  • Complex Network Analysis [Graduate Seminar, Winter 2017]
  • Cultural Analytics [Undergraduate Course, Winter 2017]
  • Cultural and Art Analytics [Masters Course, Fall 2016]
  • Social Network Analysis with R [Graduate Seminar, Spring 2014]


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