Ágnes Horvát

a-horvat (at) northwestern (dot) edu

I am an Associate Professor of Communication and Computer Science (by courtesy) at Northwestern University, where I direct the Technology and Social Behavior PhD program. My research lies at the intersection of human-centered computing, computational social science and communication. Using interdisciplinary approaches, my research group, the Lab on Innovation, Networks, and Knowledge (LINK), investigates how networks induce biased information production, sharing, and processing on digital platforms. For example, we study the impact of networks and diversity on scholarly communication, identify expressions of collective intelligence and opportunities for innovation in crowdsourcing communities, and develop tools to support creativity and predict success in culture industries. I developed courses on networks, media and AI to train students for careers at the intersection of creative occupations and data science. My research and teaching have been recognized with an NSF CAREER and CRII Award. I received my PhD in Physics from the University of Heidelberg, Germany. Prior to becoming a faculty member at Northwestern, I was a postdoctoral fellow at the Northwestern Institute on Complex Systems (NICO).


♦ New paper at ICWSM with Sohyeon Hwang and Daniel Romero on information loss in the multiplatform sharing of science.
♦ New paper at the ISSI Conference with Orsolya Vásárhelyi on the effect of team gender composition on the link between online visibility and citations.
♦ New paper at The Web Conference with Henry Dambanemuya, Jay Uparna and Brian Uzzi on hidden indicators of collective intelligence.
♦ New paper in EPJ Data Science with Katherine O'Toole on novelty and cultural change in modern popular music
♦ New podcast on how science is (mis)communicated in online media
JCMC special issue on Gender Gaps in Digital Spaces, co-edited with Sandra González-Bailón.


See my CV for a complete listing.

S Hwang, E-Á Horvát and D Romero, Information retention in the multi-platform sharing of science, Proceedings of the Seventeenth International AAAI Conference on Web and Social Media (ICWSM2023), pages 375--386, 2023 [link]

E-Á Horvát, H Dambanemuya, J Uparna and B Uzzi, Hidden indicators of collective intelligence in crowdfunding, Proceedings of the ACM Web Conference, pages 3806--3815, 2023 [link]

H Peng, D Romero, E-Á Horvát, Dynamics of cross-platform attention to retracted papers, PNAS 119 (25) e2119086119, 2022 [link] [Selected press coverage: Inside Higher Ed, The Washington Post, Le Monde, Phys.org, BigNewsNetwork, and Deutschlandfunk (German Public Radio)]

E-Á Horvát and B Uzzi, Virtual collaboration hinders a key component of creativity, Nature News & Views 605(7908): 38--39, 2022 [link]

O Vásárhelyi, I Zakhlebin, S Milojevic, E-Á Horvát, Gender inequities in the online dissemination of scholars’ work, PNAS 118 (39) e2102945118, 2021 [link] [Selected press coverage: EurekAlert!, Inside Higher Ed, The Science Advisory Board, Physics World, heidi.news]

E-Á Horvát and E Hargittai, Birds of a feather flock together online: Digital inequality in social media repertoires, Social Media + Society 2021 [link] [Blog entry on Crooked Timber]

N Hagar, J Wachs and E-Á Horvát, Writer movements between news outlets reflect political polarization in media, New Media & Society 2021 [link] [Selected press coverage: Niskanen Center, RQ1, Der Tagesspiegel]